At Repair My Phone Screen, we understand how easy it is to drop your phone – but for the unlucky few, it doesn’t always end too well. Being stuck with a smashed iPhone screen can be a pain. That’s why here we look at the best option on what to do with your iPhone screen and the benefits of your options available.

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Due to Coronavirus situation, everyone is on red alert when it comes to hygiene. Making sure our hands and surfaces are clean has proved to stop the spread of the Coronavirus but, what about our phones and tablets? How can we make sure they are bacteria free?

Cost Of Samsung Repairs

At Repair My Phone Screen, we aim to provide our customers with the highest quality mobile phone repairs available for the lowest price on the market. We also take great pride in our express mail service where we repair Samsung devices and send them back the same day, ensuring that our customers do not have […]

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The majority of us have a smartphone that boasts an expensive but highly fragile glass screen. All too often, those slick screens develop a crack or two – or sometimes end up a spiderweb of cracked glass after just one drop, so when a crack in your phone’s display does appear, it’s in your best […]

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Repair My Phone Screen have recently slashed their prices on several iPhone and Samsung repairs, with big savings on some of the major devices. Read this post to see all the savings on popular smartphone screen repairs.

Common Ways Customers Break Their Mobile Phones

As one of the North West’s leading mobile phone repair service, we have heard many interesting stories about our customers and how their phone screens were broken. We have listed the 5 most common ways customers have broken their mobile phones.