At Repair My Phone Screen, we aim to provide our customers with the highest quality mobile phone repairs available for the lowest price on the market. We also take great pride in our express mail service where we repair Samsung devices and send them back the same day, ensuring that our customers do not have to wait long before they have their good as new device returned to them. From Samsung screen repairs to Samsung battery replacements, we boast a huge range of mobile repairs that help you get your device looking and feeling good as new.

Samsung Screen Replacement

Our Samsung screen replacements are usually repaired within an hour and posted back the same day. We only use genuine Samsung parts for our mobile phone repairs. All of our repairs come with a 6 month warranty.

Check out the prices of our Samsung screen repairs below:

Samsung S10 – £225.00
Samsung S9 Plus – £249.99
Samsung S9 – £234.99
Samsung S8 Plus – £229.99
Samsung S8 – £199.99
Samsung S7 Plus – £224.99
Samsung S7 – £129.99
Samsung S6 Edge – £168.99
Samsung S6 – £133.99

Samsung Battery Replacement

Our Samsung battery replacements give your device a long-lasting charge just like a brand new out of the box Samsung battery. Our battery repairs usually take around half an hour. We only use the highest quality, genuine Samsung batteries for our battery repairs. Check out our prices below:

Samsung S8 Plus – £54.99
Samsung S8 – £39.99
Samsung S7 Plus – £54.99
Samsung S7 – £54.99
Samsung S6 Edge – £44.99
Samsung S6 – £44.99

Samsung Liquid Damage Repair

Mobile phones affected by liquid damage can be very frustrating. Our advice would always be to bring your device to our store or post it to us using our online express mail service. This way, it will be diagnosed by a member of our expert repair technician team. They will run a liquid-damage diagnostic test on your Samsung device to analyse the extent of the damage that has been caused by the water. They will also clear out any liquid remaining in your mobile phone and finally test every component of your device to see which parts need replacing. Once this has been completed, a member of our team will send a liquid damage repair quote over to you.

Samsung S8 Plus – from £20
Samsung S8 – from £20
Samsung S7 Plus – from £20
Samsung S7 – from £20
Samsung S6 Edge – from £20
Samsung S6 – from £20

Don’t know what repair service you need?

If your device wont turn on and you’re not sure which repair your device needs, we can run a diagnostics assessment on your Samsung to find out. A diagnostic test usually takes around 24-48 hours and we usually quote the cost of the repair once we know what may need replacing/repairing. Click here to see all Samsung models and repairs available.