How to take a screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy S9

The Samsung Galaxy S9 and its bigger brother the S9 Plus have been released for a while now. As technology advances, tasks simplify. Taking a screenshot has never been easier, with five different ways to do so, you can choose the method that suits you! For this guide, we have chosen the most efficient method, power and volume buttons.

Palm Swipe screenshots

You can take screenshots by using Samsung’s Palm Swipe feature.

  1. To turn on this feature, simply go to settings > Advanced Features> Toggle on Palm Swipe.
  2. Next, swipe your hand over the phone’s screen from left to right, or right to left to take a screenshot. Bare in mind that this method may need some getting used to.

Use Google Assistant to take screenshots

Despite the release of Samsung’s smart assistant Bixby on the S9, you will still have full access to Google Assistant, along with its ability yo take screenshots

  1. Find the content you wish to capture and then either hold down the home button or say “Hey Google” to launch Assistant.
  2. Next, simply say “Take a screenshot” or manually type the command in.


  1. To take a screenshot with Bixby, simply follow the exact same steps you would with Google Assistant, but say “Hi Bixby” instead. Tip: You have to train Bixby to recognize your voice. To do this, simply go to Bixby home> Settings> Voice wake-up.

Power and volume buttons

  1. Firstly, find the content that you would like to screenshot.
  2. Next, simultaneously press and hold down both the phone’s volume and power buttons down for roughly one second.
  3. You should hear a shutter sound and see a flash on the screen.

Scrolling Screenshots

Once, you’ve taken a screenshot using one of the above methods, a list of options should appear at the bottom of your screen. One of the options is called Scroll Capture, it allows you to take screenshots of content below your original image.

When you use this feature, the phone will automatically scroll down and take another screenshot, and add it to the end of your previous image. You can continue taking screenshots, or stop wherever you want.

But my Samsung Galaxy S9 isn’t working properly.

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How To Screenshot On Samsung Galaxy S9

How to take a screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy S9


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