Over time, phones wear down – it’s inevitable that the more you use it, the more each component begins to decline. Just like any electrical device, they don’t stay in their original condition when you use them for several consecutive years. One of the biggest tells your phone has had enough is through its battery. There is nothing more frustrating than having a phone with a battery that doesn’t last all day; especially if you’re out and about and how no where to charge it. Luckily, phone batteries are an easy replacement and something that Repair My Phone Screen does very well!

Here, we take a look at some of the tell-tale signs your phone battery is ready to be replaced:

1. Battery Health

One of the best signs to look out for when thinking about replacing your battery is your phone’s battery health. This looks at the maximum capacity of your battery, compared to when it was new; this obviously deteriorates over time as your battery won’t have the same performance and capacity as it did when it was brand new. You can easily find out the battery health of your phone in your settings; a battery health of 80% or below will indicate it has had enough and is ready to be replaced.

2. How long you’ve had the phone

Another great indication to think about is how long you’ve actually had your phone. On average, a phone battery is designed to last 300-500 charges, before the battery starts to wear out and the health deteriorates. This means you’re looking at having had your phone for 18-24 months before you need a battery replacement – depending on how often you charge your phone.

3. Overheating/Restarting

A final point of call to look out for is if your phone overheats a lot or randomly restarts. This indicates the battery is damaged and restarts itself in order to give the phone time to cool down; if this is a regular occurrence, your battery needs replacing as soon as possible in order to avoid causing too much damage to your phone.

Time to get your battery replaced?

Our expert technicians here at Repair My Phone Screen are here to help! With years of experience, a battery replacement is a daily task – we can replace batteries on selected iPhone’s, Samsung’s, Huawei’s and many more. Just head to our ‘Book a Repair’ section find our full range or contact us if you can’t find your phone or battery replacement needed.