iPhone Home button not working

Have you just tried to use your iPhone, placed your thumb over the home button and found that your iPhone didn’t unlock as it supposed to?

At Repair My Phone Screen, we understand exactly how frustrating it can be when the main button to access your phone stops working, rendering your phone useless.

The good news is that you’re not the only one. The main button not working on iPhones is a common problem. Often caused by the wear and tear of prolonged use, this frustrating issue can be easily solved.

Some of our expert technicians have taken time out of the technical centre to come together and produce a guide on how to restore this feature on your device. If this article doesn’t help to solve the issue, come in and see our team or alternatively book a repair to get your Home button fixed right away.

You don’t really realise how much your life depends on one button, until it stops working of course. Without a Home button, getting access to your iPhone will become a big problem but, don’t panic! The great news is that most of the time, this issue can be solved by yourself without having to pay for a repair. Our qualified technicians have compiled some tips to help you fix your iPhone Home button. However, if you’re device still doesn’t come back to life, it might be time to send your phone to us via our Express Mail service to get a fast, quality repair on your device by one of Lancashire’s leading mobile postal repairs company.

Tips on how to fix the iPhone Home button

Some of the causes of this can be that over the lifetime of having your phone, it has attracted dirt and moisture or, your iPhone has been overused.

Calibration and restore

Your iPhone may just need calibrating and restoring! The most common problem with the Home button is that behind the scenes, it is actually lagging. If this is the case, it could have been caused by a software flaw or just because your phone needs a reset. Thankfully, it is usually a quick fix!

Firstly, you should make sure your device has the latest iOS update.

Before restoring your device and upgrading the iOS software, make sure that all of your data is backed up, using either iCloud or iTunes. To restore your phone, connect it to iTunes, search for your device and then click restore.

Once it has finished, hold down the sleep button and slide to power off. Next, use the same process to turn your device back on. This should restart your device and hopefully, solve your problem. If it hasn’t, please continue reading.

Clean the home button

As is expected with all modern smartphones, over a long period of time and continued use, your iPhone can attract dirt and moisture.

This is another common issue which causes the home button to stop functioning as expected. Dust, grime and the small particles inside your pocket can easily find their way into the crack circling the button. Luckily, this issue can easily be fixed with a little Spring cleaning!

To clean the home button, grab a cotton bud or something similar and splash some isopropyl (alcohol) lightly on top. Next, swiftly circle the alcohol induced cotton bud around the home button and the crack around the home button. After waiting a couple of minutes for your phone to dry off, try and unlock your phone to see if it works again! Alternatively, you could use a can of compressed air instead of a cotton bud and alcohol. To try cleaning the home button this way, press and hold the home button down and blow the compressed air into the charging dock of your iPhone. This will clear out any dirt that may be causing the button to stick.

Assistive Touch

Those who have encountered a faulty home button may have found a temporary solution on their own by switching on the AssistiveTouch feature. This is a simple way of accessing your phone if your home button has given up on you. Here’s how to active this feature:

  1. Access Settings on the home screen
  2. Tap Accessibility
  3. Go to AssistiveTouch
  4. To use this, tap the AssistiveTouch button on the screen, then tap home

If this temporary fix is no use to you, it might just be time to get the home button replaced!

Book a home button repair with our expert technicians

If you have tried all of these tips and they have not worked for you, it is definitely time to get the home button repaired!

One option is to check if you are still within your Apple warranty! They may be able to solve this issue for you for free or if your warranty has ended, the replacement home button will cost.

If your warranty has ended, the solution is to send us your device using our express postal repair service. One of our certified technicians will assess and repair your home button, making sure it is as good as new.  We have such confidence in our technicians and will even provide you with 6 month’s warranty! Unfortunately. if you replace your home button, you will lose the Touch ID, however, your life will be back to being fully dependable on that one main button.

How much are iPhone Home Button Repairs at iSmash?

Check out our prices below:

  • iPhone 5/5s/SE – £24.99
  • iPhone 6/6 Plus – £29.99
  • iPhone 6s – £33.99
  • iPhone 7/Plus 8/ Plus/ X – unrepairable

Want to get this fixed as soon as possible? Why not book an repair on our website. No stores near you? you can also post your device to us! All you need to do is click on ‘post device’ when booking your repair.

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iPhone Home button not working


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