Is fixing your iPhone screen worth it?

We understand how easy it is to drop your iPhone – some are lucky and their device stays in pristine condition, but for others this isn’t always the case. Over the years, we can all end up with some sort of problem with the screen on our iPhone, whether it be a slight crack or the whole screen is smashed. However, is it really worth fixing or replacing your device? Could there be a better option for this? Here we take a look at the best solution for you and your broken phone…

Should I replace or fix my iPhone?

In most cases, choosing to replace your iPhone is a lot more expensive that paying to repair your device. When it comes to your iPhone’s screen, this plays a big part in using your device and can make it difficult to do so if it is not functioning properly. However, there are a few scenarios where buying a new phone may be the better option.

For example, if you have an older generation iPhone, it may not be worth paying to repair the screen. This can soon become quite costly if you weigh up how much your phone is worth vs. the cost of the repair. Depending on where you get your iPhone screen repaired, it could cost you more than what your phone is worth. So doing some research beforehand into different repair services and their prices is key!

Alternatively, if you depend on your iPhone quite a lot and can’t afford to have no device while it is being repaired, you may need to purchase a new phone to know you have a working device behind you. In most cases at Repair My Phone Screen, we can complete screen repairs in less than 24 hours. However, we understand this isn’t the case for all repair shops as it depends on repair parts in stock. Also, for some people, a few hours without your phone can still be too long; especially if you rely on your device for work purposes.

So, if  you won’t be out of pocket by repairing your device or can manage without your iPhone for just a few hours out of the day – then getting your phone screen repaired is probably best for you!

iPhone Screen Repair Cost at Repair My Phone Screen

If you have decided replacing your iPhone screen is worth it, then why not take a look at the cost here at Repair My Phone Screen. With our iPhone screen replacement pricing this is something that varies depending on what model you have. In most cases, how new the model is reflects in how much the replacement will cost – due to Apple developing their products and making them more complex as time goes on, as well as the cost of parts costing more for new models.

If you do chose to replace your iPhone screen at Repair My Phone Screen. We also include a 6 month warranty as standard and a free screen protector, along with your new screen. Why not take a look at all our iPhone repairs available?