iPhone won’t turn on?

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    iPhone won’t turn on.
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When your iPhone won’t turn on, it can be extremely stressful. Not only are you worried about facing the unexpected costs to fix your iPhone but, in addition, you could have potentially lost all of your data including important contacts and treasured photos. In this article, our Repair My Phone Screen technicians look at the possible causes of iPhones not turning on as well as potential solutions to the problem. They also offer some money-saving advice for those planning on getting a new iPhone.

Why won’t my iPhone turn on?

Your iPhone won’t turn on and you don’t know why? There can be many reasons for this but, the four most common are as follows:

Battery Failure

Confused by your iPhone’s black screen? it’s possible you could be dealing with a drained battery. If you’ve noticed that your phone turned off while you still had a lot of battery or that your device has started to get hot very quickly all of a sudden, you might be experiencing power issues. Most batteries provided in iPhones by Apple gradually become less effective with age and so this sometimes causes an issue where the batteries will lose their ability to hold a charge. Therefore, your iPhone will start to shutdown unexpectedly.

Water Damage

Although many devices today boast waterproof designs, a small enough amount of liquid can seriously damage internal components and leave you with a completely unresponsive iPhone. If you think your iOS device is unresponsive due to liquid damage, get in contact with us to hear our expert technicians advice or, book a liquid damage repair to get your device fixed by our qualified technicians.

Physical Damage

If you have dropped your iPhone recently, it could have stopped working without showing any physical damage at all. To ensure that this is the case, you can shine a light on the screen to check for damage or alternatively, try calling your phone to see if it rings or vibrates. If you have had a cracked screen for a while, it’s possible that continuous usage has caused further damage to the phone, making it look like it is off. If this is the case, you can book a screen repair here to have our technicians carefully replace your screen and have your device back with you as soon as possible.

Software Issues

Occasionally, your iPhone won’t turn on due to software issues. Certain apps and iOS updates might cause problems and sometimes unresponsiveness. If your phone crashes whilst it’s operating software is updating, do not attempt to fix the phone yourself, instead ask a qualified technician for help or, book a software repair here to have our expert technicians assess your software and find the best solution to repair your phone.

How to fix an iPhone that won’t turn on?

Our experts recommend these six tips to bring an iPhone that won’t turn on, back to life. Try them in order until you find the solution that works for you!

Charge your battery

Fully discharged batteries are the number one cause of iPhones not turning on. Plug your charger in and make sure the plug is switched on! Wait for around 30-60 minutes to allow your device time to charge and gain enough power to start again. After you have waited this amount of time, try turning your iPhone on. If this solution doesn’t work, it could be worth testing two different chargers and different plug sockets to rule out cable issues at the same time. However, if you find that your battery is the culprit, we can replace it for you.

Pro tip: Some iPhones may no longer charge via a wall charger but, will when connected to a computer or laptop so, make sure you try both methods.

Simple Restart / Force Restart

If your iPhone still won’t turn on, it’s time to move on to the classic “Have you tried turning it off and on again?” step. Restart your iPhone by holding down the power button for a few seconds (Usually located on the right edge of the device. But, if you own an iPhone 5/5/SE you’ll find it at the top edge). If you own an iPhone X, you will have to press the volume-up button and the side button. You may also want to try force restarting your iPhone.

Restore to factory settings via iTunes (Data loss)

If none of the previous steps get your iPhone to turn on, you can try restoring to factory settings via iTunes.

Contact Apple Support

Even if you haven’t tried the previous steps, you should check to see if your iPhone is still under warranty with Apple. If it is, and you’re sure that the issues were not caused by hardware or water damage, visit the Apple support website to see whether they can fix your issue for free.

I have tried everything. My iPhone still won’t turn on?

Get Repair My Phone Screen technicians to run a diagnosis.

If you’re still staring at a black screen and you’re after a quick and reliable fix, send your device to our repair centre via our post in service. Our technicians will be able to quickly determine why your iPhone won’t turn on and will talk you through the potential solutions. Book your iPhone repair today.

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iPhone won’t turn on?


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