Samsung’s Speedy Charging Technology

One of the biggest gripes many people have with their smartphones is the amount of time they take to charge. In the early days, when the phone is new and the battery fresh, your smartphone is the energetic, tail wagging companion you always dreamed of. It takes pictures, shows you which way to go, entertains you and can even order your dinner.

Fast forward a year and all your phone wants to do is rest. It refuses to go for walks and if it does expend any energy, it has to spend the next few hours on life support. But now, thanks to new speedy charging technology, you and your phone be could be up and at ‘em more quickly than ever before.

Which Samsung phone are compatible?

The Samsung Galaxy S6, S7 Edge, S8 and S9 are both compatible with Adaptive Fast Charging. However, to enjoy the benefits of fast charging you will first have to enable the feature, the process for which we’ll detail below.

Introducing Adaptive fast charging

‘Adaptive Fast Charging’ is Samsung’s speedy charging technology. Not only does it reduce the charging times of compatible Samsung phones, but it can also extend the life of a battery by stopping the supply of power when the battery is full. All you need to do is buy yourself one of Samsung’s fast charging chargers and you and your phone will be good to go.

But, how does it work?

Without getting too bogged down in the science, Adapting Fast Charging is simply a faster form of charging that takes advantage of how Li-ion batteries work. Fast chargers push as much power to the device as it can handle to make sure the battery is charging at its maximum rate. When the battery is at low capacity, the lithium ions have more freedom to move, which means with more power, the phone can be recharged much more quickly.

Ordinarily, increasing the power output of a charger wouldn’t be safe as it could damage the battery and the phone. However, most modern day smartphones come with a built-in chip that monitors battery temperatures and can regulate the power being delivered as it charges. When the battery heats up, the charger delivers less power.  Once the battery is full, the charger stops delivering power altogether. The result is that half of a battery’s capacity can be restored in less than an hour.

How do you use the fast charging feature?

Firstly, you will need to buy a good quality USB cable as the stock cable that comes with your phone is not up to the job. You should also buy a charger that’s compatible with fast charging. You then need to:

  • Connect your new USB cable to your battery charger that supports Adaptive Fast Charging;
  • Head to Settings > Battery Settings;
  • Here you’ll find the Rapid Charging option which needs to be ticked;
  • The fast charging feature is now activated
  • Turn off the phone or at least the screen to increase the charging speed;
  • There will be an option on the phone’s screen so you can check the remaining charge time;
  • Don’t worry if the phone starts to get hot as the power output will be reduced to prevent any damage.

And there you have it – a faster form of charging that means your phone doesn’t have to spend hours on end tethered to a wall. Until better battery technology is released, Adaptive Faster Charging is the best option you have.

Have you tried Adaptive Faster Charging on your Samsung phone? Did you notice the difference? Please share your thoughts with our readers and the Repair My Phone Screen team.

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Adaptive Fast Charging

Samsung’s Speedy Charging Technology


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