What to do with a broken phone screen?

A broken phone is easy done, we’ve all been there! Whether your device has fallen off a counter or you’ve dropped it accidentally, screens can smash easily and make your phone a hassle to use. Even after all that stress, you then need to think about what to do with your damaged device; is it worth buying a new phone or repairing your current one with a new screen? Either way, a lot of factors can play a part in your decision; here we take a look at your two options when dealing with a damaged screen and the best way forward for you.

Broken Phone Screen

1. Buying a New Phone

Whenever you buy a new phone, it’s an expensive purchase – especially if it’s not necessary. When you think about the likes of Apple, Samsung and other brand constantly bringing out new models; prices quickly shoot up and become competitive. Even with this to consider, there are some situation where a new phone may be better for you; for example, if your phone is an older model, it may be cheaper for you to upgrade than repair your device – as it won’t be worth as much, due to all the newer models ahead of it. Alternatively, if you use your phone daily (e.g. for work purposes); it may be difficult to part with it for it be repaired. However, due to the current demand for new phones; a screen replacement through Repair My Phone Screen will get you back with a phone a lot quicker than buying a new one. Our postal service is known to have your repaired device back to you in days!

2. Replacing Your Current Screen

As we’ve just mentioned, replacing your phone screen can be a lot quicker than waiting on a new one to be delivered; pair that with how quick and easy a screen replacement is, replacing your current screen is a high contender. When you factor in how long you’ve had your phone, as well as any new models that come out; restoring your current device to its former glory is a much cheaper and quicker solution than spending hundreds (or thousands) on a new phone. Screen replacements are also known to prolong the life of any device; in this extra time – you can wait for newer technology and models to be developed – such as the introduction of water proof phones in recent years!

Buy or Repair?

In the short of it, buying a new phone will very rarely be the better option for you. Unless you have perfect timing, and a cracked screen co-insides with getting a new upgrade; your best bet is a screen replacement! They can prolong the life of your phone and ensure you get all the use out of it that was intended; as well as saving yourself time and money. If you’re looking for a screen repair, we provide our services across all the UK, including: Preston, Manchester, Liverpool, Bolton, Chorley, Leyland, Blackpool and most other towns and cities. You can see a full list of our locations via our locations page.