Tips for Keeping your Phone Germ Free & Hygienic

Top tips for keeping your phone clean & germ free

Due to Coronavirus situation, everyone is on red alert when it comes to hygiene. Making sure our hands and surfaces are clean has proved to stop the spread of the Coronavirus but, what about our phones and tablets? How can we make sure they are bacteria free?

There are a number of practical measures that you can take to keep your smartphone or tablet hygienically clean and stop the spread of harmful bacteria.

the most important thing to do is to wash your hands with soap and warm water on a regular basis. This way, if you pick up your phone or tablet, there is less chance that you are passing something to your device. Hand sanitising gel has the same effect as washing with soap and water if you have any available.

Tips for keeping clean

1. Our first tip is to refrain from sharing your device. Whilst this may sound quite obvious, it is important as letting anyone else use your device could allow them to spread germs easily without knowing. A simple rule is to keep one device per person with no sharing.

2. Keep it clean. Wiping your phone with the sleeve of your jumper may make it look clean but, it could still be riddled with germs. The best way to clean a mobile phone or tablet is to use a sanitising wipe.

What not to do

1. Don’t use any sanitising gels on your devices. This could damage the surface of your screen or leak inside, causing long term corrosion issues.

2. Don’t put your phone in the freezer. Whilst its true that a lot of germs cannot survive in these low temperatures, your device won’t exactly thank you for it either.

3. Don’t be tempted to use any amount of soap and water on your phone. Some phones do claim to be water resistant however, we advise against risking it.

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Tips for Keeping your Phone Germ Free & Hygienic


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